• One-time profile set-up to use for all your applications
  • Notifications (mobile push notifications and/or e-mails) when a position fitting your interests is posted
  • Fits the needs of career employees and those seeking internships/other position types


  • 48 Hour Posting Window
  • Matching on your criteria – Get an employee who has the qualifications you’re looking and will fit your corporate identity
  • Ranked call list after post-closing
  • Edit your call list as you contact and interview potential employees
  • Post to specific channels – Post to employees in a certain location or to students/alumni within a particular career center(s)

Career Center

  • Create a channel for businesses to connect directly to your community through our resources
  • Use in combination with your existing online website or as a separate resource



Founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48 Hour Jobs strives to simplify and expedite the hiring process for both employers and potential employees.  Hiring costs are often only viewed as steps leading up to the offer letter, or the time it takes an individual to fill out an application.  Our solution is mindful that opportunity and dollar costs run much deeper when a person and an organization do not align in expectations, environment or goals.

We use employee profiles together with questions tailored to each individual position to give employers a list of candidates that is not only manageable, but filled with people who have talents and values that are in line with their organization’s culture.

We also realize what a time-consuming process hiring can be for individuals, filling out repetitive applications,sending out resumes and going to interviews for positions that they are not suited for or may not fit their own needs and goals.

Our team, based on surveys and research, has developed a process that speeds up hiring time and increases the effectiveness of the process. At 48 Hour Jobs, we connect talented individuals with complementary employers.


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